A chat by Steven Frith and Jeff Walker

We are down to the bottom eight. This week's performances by the remaining idols were songs that inspired the singers. While the songs didn't seem to inspire us, we do comment on everything as normal - including a few other random thoughts. Also see if Steve can repeat in picking the correct bottom three and who is sent home as he did last week.

Jeff: so you nailed the bottom 3 and who was going home, beginner's luck, pulse on the american people, ear for talent?
Steve: Well, you know, I like to think of it as an ear for talent
S: You weren't too far off though - I also like how you quickly threw that out there before I could brag about it a bit.
S: So what did you think of last night?
J: was i inspired by songs that inspired the idols? no. but there were some good performances
J: i think Michael Johns continues his rise by performing the best overall song - recognizable, anthemic and while he didn't do anything significant, he didn't screw it up either
S: I was actually very disappointed from the get-go yesterday. Even though I picked Johns third - I think that his performance was a mess...I do have to preface that by saying Dream On is one of my favorite songs so there were a lot of ways he could screw it up
J: ah. maybe i was just too excited that such a great song was even performed to really listen to the performance
S: I think he'll breeze into the next round, but I just personally didn't like it. I do like how David and Johns pick songs that I have actually heard of before. Half the time, I'm like - what the "f" is this? I feel like I'm sitting at a K-Fed concert or something - well, with the obvious difference being that I'm not by myself...
J: so did you have any favorites?
S: after last night, not really. I think the main people will get through. I also think that "dreads" has now gone from a bum on the street to a bum on the streets of Hawaii with his ukulele. Maybe he used ATA or Aloha Airlines to get over there and got stuck...
J: awww. wasn't that bad, but he just doesn't do anything unexpected. he has his niche, or as you'd probably think - street on the corner - and he stays there
S: He will get through since the judges liked him so much, but can you REALLY see him selling ANY records?
J: his falsetto was the one unique thing he brought to his performance and it was awful
J: he'd never be a big star, but guys like Jack Johnson still do decently

S: He still looks like he is constipated when he performs too, it drives me absolutely nuts
J: but then you have a ton of similar guys who never break out despite a core group of fans - often college frat boys and the women who love them
S: Yea, but Jack Johnson is better and more modern...PLUS how many guys do you know that are "inspired" by Somewhere Over the Rainbow?
J: yeah, was sort of odd. danny thinks he's feminine. maybe something to it
S: His words, not mine :)
J: so given the choice, what inspirational song would you have sung?
S: Born to Run by the Boss
J: nice. best rock song ever in my opinion
S: Seeing it live on Friday made it all the better. Which actually had me thinking - if someone like Springsteen, Dylan, or Steven Tyler were on Idol - would they even be in the top 10?
J: Springsteen and Tyler possibly have enough charisma that they could've gotten through
S: Even though they are some of the greatest, longest lasting musicians of the last 30 years?
J: dylan probably wouldn't have even made it to hollywood, but he's not known as being a great vocalist either
S: I guess they don't care about songwriting in pop, since they usually have someone else do it for them anyway. Clarkson bombed in the first album she tried writing on her own.
J: yeah. sometimes have to know your limits
S: Anyways, my top 3 (only from yesterday) then I will do overall...
S: In no particular order, I think Syesha did well yesterday, I also thought that while still boring, Archuleta did well, and my surprise no. 3 was Kristy Lee looking and performing well.

S: Overall, nothing's changed as far as Johns, D. Cook, and Archuleta though. What do you think?
J: hmmm, not sure if i really had a favorite last night, but the 3 I liked best were Michael Johns, David Cook, and yes, Kristy Lee - she did look good, and she fit in well with the song and didn't seem too awkward or trying too hard.
S: Cook's wasn't bad, but it wasn't nearly as good as the last two weeks which is why it's hard to put him in the top 3. I just see a star presence in Syesha but I may be in the minority there
J: Overall - David Cook, Michael Johns, and I think Archuleta will be for sure top 3, but i probably like syesha as personal #3
S: Your bottom 3?
J: i think Syesha, Carly and Brooke. Syesha leaving, but wouldn't be shocked if it's Carly, who keeps seeming desperate and over-the-top in her performances
S: Brooke was BORING last night. This is a hard week for bottom 3 for me.
J: Brooke was like not singing the melody. Danny kept insisting I knew the song, but her version didn't sound familiar at all.
S: My bottom three, I see Brooke - I want to include dreads, but I know he'll make it - Carly, and I think I have to throw Kristy Lee in there. I just think there are people that have been calling for her head. I think Brooke goes home though. She hasn't showed me anything special since I've started watching the show.
J: i see a certain quality that's likable and I actually don't mind the style she's going for, but Let It Be back in Top 12 was her best and she's been down since.
S: When do they start to cut it down to bottom 2 or something - or do they keep doing bottom 3?
J: bottom 3 all the way
J: I wouldn't be surprised if Kristy Lee leaves either after finally giving a good performance
S: She shouldn't after this week, she has improved week by week which can't be said about some of the others
J: very true
S: She ain't gonna win it all, but she shouldn't go home this week
J: remember eliminations are thursday night due to Idol Gives Back. Are you watching all two and a half hours?
S: yipee...hell no, Giants are on - 2 straight maybe ...let me know if it's any good, it is recording on the DVR.
J: yeah, i know it's for a good cause and everything, but my finger will be glued to the fast forward button
S: haha...They talk too much and I'm already bored of the commercials.
J: so until next week, and let's see if your predictions are perfect yet again
S: Oh, they will be.
S: Until then...

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