Stop wasting your time and money. When it comes to bars, restaurants, movies, and other parts of your social life, a lot of other sites feature generic editorial reviews that lack details. User-contributed reviews are dominated with negativity from a bad experience or over hyped statements from people who likely got a hook-up or simply hooked up with somebody – like you care! We will give you as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.

For instance – our reviews of bars and restaurants...will tell you just about everything you could want to know (and probably then some) about a spot. We're not just going to talk about a certain atmosphere and then list a series of broad phrases like "singles," "happy hour," and "food served" (what kind of atmosphere is "food served" anyway!). Just a few of the practical aspects that our reviews will highlight include: strength of drinks, availability of free water, date of visit – even the cleanliness and availability of restrooms - while still focusing on the overall experience of the location.

In addition, we will let you know our standards, so you can judge the reviews accordingly and maybe find similar things to enjoy. While we will always try to give an honest opinion, it is better to know where we are coming from than assume we are dive bar experts when we'd prefer to be at a Hollywood dance club. In the beginning, as far as actual locations (i.e. restaurants, bars, clubs, ultra-lounges), we will focus on the Los Angeles area with a few entries from Sacramento and Las Vegas, but look for that to expand in the future. The reviews on music, shows, movies, and chain restaurants as well as the other information and advice filled articles we will share with you can still be helpful regardless of where you live.

Money is limited and life is short. Avoid the bad, make the good great, and discover your new standards for social excellence.

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