A chat by Steven Frith, Jeff Walker, and Danny Walker

After the shocking exit of Michael Johns last week, we are down to the Top 7. Danny joins us to discuss the performances during Mariah Carey week. Was it one sweet day or a disaster to rival Glitter?

Jeff: so first up - Michael Johns...
J: surprised to see him go?
Danny: pretty unexpected, I actually thought his last performance was one of his best in a while
J: steve didnt think so
Steve: I was about as shocked as everyone else in the audience. I couldn't believe it. He should be top 3
J: for sure
J: why do you think he was sent home?
D: doesn't appeal enough to the younger crowd
S: I think it's because he went first
D: younger female miley cyrus crowd
S: i think he has enough of a crowd that would have kept him in.
S: People just thought he would be fine and move on
D: I just don't know that his crowd is the crowd that's voting a lot
S: Anyways, what about tonight - first thoughts?
D: tonight, I'd say best performance was david rocker
J: yeah, i definitely agree
J: most unique performance
D: david archuletta is who we thought he was in picking the typical song everyone was expecting
J: and i agree with simon that guys were definitely better
S: Yea, it was really good. And I hate to admit it, but Archuleta was very good. - Honestly everyone did pretty well, there were no horrible performances
D: archuleta is boring though
D: I've already forgotten the song he sang
S: Usually I completely agree, but I didn't think so tonight
J: archie is good but ultimately forgettable
S: Danny, since this is your first chat, who is your top 3
D: favorite or expect to win?
S: either, just say which one
D: david rocker, ummmmm
D: michael johns lol
S: haha
D: but seriously ummm syisha and jack johnson as the other two I'd expect in the final three
J: really? i think archie is for sure in the final 3 and KLC is a strong dark horse
D: yeah I guess archie is more likely than syisha
S: I really really like Syesha, she might be my favorite behind David Cook, but I just don't think she will get the votes.
S: Yea, those are pretty surprising.
J: what'd you think of your boy jason castro tonight
S: Sucked again. I was talking to Amy and she said the same thing I have. That he sounds like he is at an open mic.
D: ummm but castro probably sees this as a giant open mike
S: I hate hate hate Castro - his look, his voice, everything
D: I hate his genre
J: they need a back drop for jason - like either a dorm room or some trees and a meadow
D: lol and use way more smoke machine
S: haha
J: that's the problem with his genre. tough to be distinct
J: which is why randy's comment about feeling like he was at a luau is so fitting
S: Yea. totally.
J: b/c we've been in hawaii and you're sitting at the bar and there's some decent music, but you're not going home telling everyone to get their ass out to hear this guy
D: and why snl's gotta include him on the mellow show with jack johnson as soon as possible
J: for sure
J: do you think tonight being decent is more a testament to the performers or mariah's songs?
D: ummmm mariah's songs...maybe?
S: I think it has to be Mariah's songs too
D: I mean shit I'lve always enjoyed always be my baby
D: though cook's performance did take it to another level
J: yeah, totally
D: but what about archie in pleather pants?
J: he's so robotic he probably wasn't even sweating in them
S: I thought I saw that - that was horrible
D: or sexay?
S: yea, not so much
S: Jeff - who's your bottom 3 and who leaves?
J: bottom 3 - brooke - who has been falling apart lately and was shaking throughout the second half of her performance, carly - worst of the night, and syesha - since i'm not sure she has a big fanbase. i think Brooke leaves
J: i do think Carly should go home
S: Danny?
D: I'm going with brooke, carly, and archie as bottom three with brooke finally going home
S: Wow, you really think Archuleta will be bottom 3? Not a chance
J: yeah, i don't see it either
D: I'd like to believe that people will be actually listening to the show and will get annoyed with his selection
J: archie being predictable with his inspirational tunes?
D: yes
S: I disagree, I think Brook should go home
S: Brooke has turned into the Karaoke singer
J: i like singer-songwriter types enough and could see her opening for some concert i'd go too, so i don't mind her as much
S: The other two...
S: this is tough, but I say Syesha and Smithson too...I think that it should be dreads instead of Syesha though.
J: and do you agree with Brooke going home?
S: yea, I already said that
S: Archie will be in the final 3, I'll bet on it with anyone that wants to take the bet
J: hell no. too big of a fan base and appeals to the young and the old who vote
S: Danny...maybe?
D: no I'm not stupid, but I can still wish that the voting public will come to their senses I just wouldn't put money on it
S: Nice...ok I guess we'll see what happens. Until next time...

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