A chat by Jeff Walker, Steven Frith, and Danny Walker

Idol takes a stroll down the Great White Way as the six remaining finalists take on the tunes of Andrew Lloyd Webber. It wasn't the most exciting theme, but it provided one especially memorable moment for Ms. White. Check out what Steve, Jeff and Danny had to say about her, the episode as a whole, and why Kristy Lee Cook was smarter than previously thought.

Jeff: so, first things first. biggest surprise of last week - kristy lee cook being engaged?!
Steve: Huh? I didn't know that?
Jeff: yeah. apparently had been engaged for a month
Jeff: so best to keep personal life a secret if it helps your vote count? or in the case of david cook, say you're single and possibly get more votes?
Steve: I'm not surprised she kept it a secret, I would too on a stage like that where you are depending on good ol' country boys votes from Texas - you want them to think they have a chance with you.
Steve: It's been proven with actresses that their popularity goes down once they marry.
Danny: exactly
Danny: especially when she's not a good singer
Jeff: she had been improving, but still
Jeff: way past her time
Steve: yea, she wasn't going anywhere anyway, so while I thought it was the wrong call last week, I think it'll be made up this week
Danny: yeah thanks to forgetting the lyrics
Steve: First of all this week - Why the "F" did they want this kind of theme, these people are presumedly going to be top-40 pop artists, this isn't Broadway Idol!
Jeff: they always have a broadway-style theme every year. and the fact that they were able to land a big name as "mentor" probably helped as well
Jeff: danny and I were actually surprised that a number of the songs didn't seem like stuff from musicals. for the most part, the arrangements fit the pop genre
Steve: Oh, lame idea in my book. I don't hate a lot of broadway songs, I just don't think that it makes sense for what they are doing as a show - do you see Kelly Clarkson, Underwood, or anybody going to Broadway?
Steve: Yea, a few of them were "popped" up
Danny: sadly no "that sounded caberet" comments from simon though
Jeff: yeah, like danny said, simon always compares performances negatively when they sound like broadway
Steve: Speaking of Simon, I actually agreed with every comment he had for everyone tonight
Jeff: yeah, he was pretty on point
Jeff: how about brooke's start-stop-restart?
Danny: it was about time that she finally gave an easy reason to boot her
Steve: I finally thought we were going to get rid of dreads, but then Brooke blew any thought of him out of the way
Steve: I thought it was the right thing to do, would have been worse for her to try to find the lyrics mid sentence. If she was IN the musical that would be different, but just singing one song, right move
Jeff: or will she get enough pity votes to stick around?
Steve: nope. I don't think so, too late in the game.
Danny: except maybe with vote the worse
Jeff: yeah, possibly brooke's only savior
Steve: I don't even think Brooke sounded good once she started
Jeff: yeah. pretty painful throughout. and she seems so fragile the whole time and then tries to talk over the judges
Danny: I think she's always sounded that way
Steve: I've never been a big fan myself
Steve: She's had one good song, with "let it be" the rest have been the worst of the week or close to it every week
Jeff: just keeps falling apart and this should be the end of her run
Danny: I think they've all been bad from her
Danny: I find her annoying and rather kind of fake
Steve: Annoying's a little strong, and I do think she is genuine - just isn't that good.
Jeff: i think she attempts to be genuine, but it comes across as trying too hard
Danny: definitely trying too hard
Steve: I think there was a clear top and bottom here
Steve: Syesha and Smithson definitely stole the show tonight
Steve: Cook and Archuleta sang well but were both forgettable
Steve: Dreads and Brooke sucked
Danny: well they were the only ones that did the songs broadway style, being syesha and smithson
Steve: They are the only ones where I didn't have to resist hitting fast forward on my DVR too
Steve: I think we all agree Castro and White are in the bottom 3, the tougher question - who joins them?
Jeff: carly was a big surprise this week, so she's safe
Steve: I agree
Jeff: i think syesha joins them since she's been hovering on the bottom for awhile. The Davids seem to have strong enough fan bases and Carly stepped up
Steve: Syesha was very good, but she went first and Cook and Archy aren't going to be in the bottom 3
Steve: So I would say she is in
Jeff: yeah, Syesha was in the death spot - going first
Steve: Ok, so we agree exactly, what about you Danny?
Danny: I'd put archy in the bottom 3 for sure
Steve: Wow, is this from you - or what you think will happen?
Danny: both
Jeff: so you think Archie, Brooke and Castro?
Steve: Because that's what I want but I don't think there is any way it happens.
Jeff: me neither
Danny: I think archy's in bottom three but brooke goes
Steve: Archy and Cook get 3 times the votes of the other people if you ask me
Steve: Everyone else is fighting for the top 3 right now
Steve: the one spot left at least
Jeff: although we need to send ricky minor back to his perch. He wasn't conducting and he kept hogging the performances with his dancing
Steve: I didn't even really notice except for Syesha.
Danny: oh yeah, top performance definitely goes to ricky minor
Jeff: he was pretty bad during carly as well
Steve: Missed that. So does boring, yet popular amongst 15 year old girls make the bottom 3? Or Is it under-appreciated Syesha? We'll see.
Jeff: but brooke needs to go home especially with the perfect swan song - You Must Love Me
Jeff: and hopefully we get a better theme next week
Steve: PLEASE!

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