Reviewed by Steven Frith

Visited: Saturday, March 29, 2008
Location: 1804 J St., Sacramento, CA 95814(map)(site)
Alternate Location: 649 East Bidwell St., Folsom, CA 95630(map)

My Bar Standard – **Streets of London** New Standard

Without ever having been to England, I imagine that this fun, low-key bar is the closest to the feel of a real English Pub you can get in Sacramento, but thankfully, without the warm beer.

Deeper Insights:

With all of the ultra-lounges and dance clubs popping up in Sacramento (trying to give Sacramentans the illusion that this is actually LA or Vegas), it is getting harder to find a fun place (forget the tiny dives) to go to have a beer and just chat it up with your friends. Streets of London is there to fulfill that need. I must admit that I am biased toward the pub, as I will always have the good memories of having a nightcap there on my first date with my soon-to-be wife. But in a way, it shows exactly why I like it. We had a good time at dinner and wanted to be able to talk some more, and “Streets” gave us that opportunity.

Streets has a vast selection of both American and, if you are feeling adventurous, British beers to try. But once it gets busy, you will probably be waiting a while to get your drink as the service can be slow as the bartenders are overwhelmed with orders at some points of the night.

Streets has a sister location up in Folsom that I spent a lot of time in as a restaurant worker when I lived up there. Both locations are popular places amongst locals that want to have a few too many beers and just hang out and be able to sit at one of the many round wood tables and/or play some darts while listening to the all-British jukebox. In Folsom, pool and foosball are also available. Oh yeah, and it is a great place to watch some football…err, I mean soccer.


Attire: Come as you are.

Attitude: Most people just want to relax, have some fun, and are very friendly. There is no certain way you need to act to fit in.

Bar/Bartenders: 1 bar inside, most people drink beer, although other full-bar choices are available. 4-5 bartenders/bar backs were behind the bar. Depending on your timing, drinks took from a couple minutes up to 10-15 minutes. Service can be slow.

Bathrooms: There are two bathrooms in between the back patio area and the inside area. One is for each sex. It is a single room (slightly dirty as you would imagine in a pub) that has a lock that may or may not work. There is usually a line for each though, so most of the time you are safe from someone just walking in. Girls commonly try to get in the guys bathroom as the line is usually shorter (yea, I know, shocker). A couple people from our group (after a few beers) decided to by-pass the line and just get their hand stamped and find somewhere outside to relieve themselves. Not recommended however…

Bathroom Attendant: Never. If someone claims to be, you might be filing a police report later.

Bottle Service: Unless you mean a bottle/pitcher of beer, nope.

Cover: I don’t believe there is ever cover. (Someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong)

Crowd: Mostly early to mid-20’s. I’d say 65/35 guy to girl ratio. And single guys: It appeared most of the girls there were with guys, so don’t go there expecting to find your long-lost love…but hey, I guess miracles happen.

Dance Floor: None

Décor: Old English Pub decorations, a lot of wood. Several plasma TV’s grace the walls to watch sports though.

Drinks: I don’t have exact prices for you, but very reasonable. You aren’t going to pay $10 for a beer or anything. There is a vast selection of both American and European beers.

Extras: Every Sunday evening is “Trivia Night” (as they call it, “pub quiz”). There are also parties, DJ Nights, and other events held occasionally. It (as you would imagine) is a great place to watch World Cup Soccer Matches. The location in Folsom also occasionally has live music. A favorite of mine that plays there is called “The BBC”, a fantastic Beatles tribute band that has a large following. (Here’s a plug for them…they even dress the part: wigs, costumes, accents, and the guy that plays McCartney learned to play guitar left-handed. Yeah, and as what is most important, the music is right on for the most part. You should check them out if you are at all a fan of The Beatles.)

Food: If you get there early enough (before 10:30 pm), British food is available for you. When’s the last time you’ve had Bangers and Mash ($5.80 lunch, $7.95 dinner), Steak and Mushroom Pie ($6.65 lunch, $8.95 dinner), Fish and Chips ($6.70 lunch, $8.95 dinner), or a Corned Beef Sandwich($7.95)? It is all very tasty too.

Happy Hour: There may or may not be happy hour, I went at night. You should call to check. They do have Pint Nights at 6 PM on every Wednesday. You pay $5 for your first brew (the specific brew changes every Wednesday, check the website for details), and you keep the glass and pay $4 for any refill.

Hours: Opens at 11 am everyday. The bar closes at 2 on Fridays/Saturdays, at 1 Monday-Thursdays and at midnight on Sundays.

Line: There is occasionally a short line on weekend nights, however most of the time you can get right in.

Music: An all-British jukebox plays the Brits’ hits. This includes the British invasion era stuff with The Beatles, Stones, Who, etc, but also more modern stuff like Oasis. Live music occasionally takes over the Folsom location (more groups then just the previously mentioned “BBC”). There are also occasional DJ nights at both locations.

Parking: Street parking.

People Watching:
There are some interesting characters and a lot of college kids to find entertainment in, but there won’t be many “revealing outfits” if that is what you are looking for. At least this America, therefore most of the patrons will have good teeth…(bad stereotype joke, sorry).

Seating: If you get there early, it isn’t much trouble, but as things pick up you have to hover around tables/seats when it looks like people are leaving. There is seating on the patio, as well, if you head outside and want to deal with cigarette smoke (or smoke yourself).

Smoking: Outside in the back patio or out front.

Water (Free): Yeah, they’ll give you free water if you want to wait for it.

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