Reviewed by: Jeff Walker

My Club Standard – Tryst (Las Vegas)

Visited: Saturday, December 15th, 2007
Location: Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, near Flight Bar (map) (link)

Unless you’re paying for bottle service, a generic lounge at LAX (the airport) is preferable to a night out here.

Deeper Insights:

It’s a risk naming a club after an airport, since the immediate connotations are long lines, cramped space and a feeling of relief upon leaving. Turns out, the name is perfect.

Designed to be a shot of hipness into a hotel desperately seeking youth and buzz, LAX succeeds in bringing the noise. A large cluster of people (VIPs, hotel guests, hot girls, patrons with “VIP passes) attempts to get the attention of overwhelmed bouncers at the entrance. After dozens of minutes, if one is fortunate to make it into the club they are greeted by red hues and a balcony-laden club that recalls a classic Parisian theatre.

Unfortunately, the ado outside the club replicates itself on the dance floor, which is very narrow (and gets slimmer as the night wears on) and is the only apparent path from one side of the club to the other. Those attempting to get their groove thing on will find themselves constantly bumped by others seeking libations or an exit. If you’re lucky, you’ll avoid spilled drinks and errant elbows.

Seemingly, the only way to really enjoy the club is to pony up the money for bottle service. VIP booths occupy the majority of space in the club and provide enough room to actually move. The lack of space also means that your club crush is also likely to seek open space in the VIP areas, leaving you to get crushed by the general masses.

Overall, the club isn’t horrible, so much as poorly designed, which comes as a surprise considering sister club Pure has a much better layout. Given the lack of space, LAX is only worth it if you have bottle service or can finagle your way to the VIP areas. Otherwise, the confined cattle call and flagrant class division makes the real LAX a more desirable destination.


Attire: Club wear – collared shirts, nice jeans, dress shoes, sexy outfits for the ladies

Attitude: The cool, sophisticated and rich looking to party and let loose.

Bar/Bartenders: 2 separate bars at opposite ends of the dance floor. 3 bartenders for each bar. Mix of guys and girls. 3-5 minute wait on drinks. Bartenders won’t make friends, but get the job done.

Bathrooms: Men’s bathroom is in the back. Two stalls and three urinals. Urinals have no dividers and are on each side of a U-shaped wall.

Bathroom Attendant: Yes

Bottle Service: Yes. Magnum Grey Goose bottles are brought out with sparklers, which is a nice touch.

Cover: $30 for men; $20 for women. Free to guests with room keys.

Crowd: Mix of both genders and all demographics

Dance Floor: Narrow rectangle that is about 12 feet wide and stretches from one end of the club to the other. Gets very tight and crowded. Only path from one side of the club to the other.

Décor: Red colors. Staircase leads down to main floor. VIP booths on both sides of the dancefloor and in pretty much any available nook or cranny.

DJ: DJ Hollywood

Drinks: $12 for well drinks. $8 for water (no ice water available). $6 for beer.

Hours: 10:30 pm – 4 am

Line: Starts at 9:30 and wraps around to main lobby. Moves quickly at first.

Music: The usual - hip-hop with brief stretches of popular Old School, rock and techno

Parking: Valet/hotel parking

People Watching: Strong, but not overwhelming

Seating: VIPs and bottle service

Smoking: If there was any smoking going on, it wasn’t apparent.

Water (Free): No

Tip: The bar will only serve expensive bottled water. If you want to save money, leave the club, get stamped and get ice water at the Flight bar right outside.

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